A Round Table Discussion was held at the DICE School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts on the essentials of technology in the hospitality industry. Participants included influential personalities of the industry and General Managers of highly acclaimed hotels in Mumbai and India. Discussions were centered around ‘High Tech v/s High Touch: Digital Disruptions in the Hospitality Industry’ and the evolution of technology to provide a more user-centric experience to customers and patrons.

The guests present at the conference consisted of Hotel General Managers:

  1. David Mathews, Trident, BKC
  2. Ajoy Balakrishna, Radisson Blu
  3. Puneet Singh, Grand Hyatt
  4. Anupam Dasgupta, Oberoi
  5. Sharad Datta, Westin Mumbai Garden City
  6. Nicholas Dumbell, Renaissance Convention Centre Hotel
  7. Rajiv Duggal, Essel Group
  8. Jimmy Shaw, MD Shawman
  9. Sheldon Santwan, Editor & CEO Hospitality Biz

Members of Lausanne Hospitality Consulting consisting Mr Olivier Roux (Senior Managing Director), Ms Catherine Rey (Sales and Marketing Manager) and Mr Aman Sachdev (Director and Country Head – India). Amongst us, we also had the founder of Shawman Software, Mr Jimmy Shaw.

Dr Indu Shahani, President and Chairperson expressed, “We are fortunate to have a great school. 19th century faculty teaching 20th century syllabus to the 21st century students.” The guests were requested to speak a few words, to give everyone an insight of the industry as well as their experiences. According to Mr Roux, “This is the fastest growing industry with endless opportunities.” He spoke about the best ways possible to help students and also regarding exchange programs. “Atithi Devo Bhava!”, stated Mr David Mathews.

Mr Duggal expressed, “The more hearts you touch, the more you go up in your life as well as the industry.”

Mr Singh spoke about his days as a student which brought a smile to every face in the room. Mr Santawan added, “It is the only industry which is open to all. And recently, it has been changing every 5 years instead of 20.”

Mr Dasgupta told us about how hardwork pays off and the initial years are the most crucial ones. In his words, Mr Datta addressed, “Build your own brand, your own reputation. Have courage and confidence to take on difficult tasks.”











“Industry is all about people. Pick up all you can, all technical details, work up on how you are going to incorporate, embrace it all here,” expresses Mr Dumbell. Mr Sachdev conveyed, “Aim for the top, take responsibility for your learning.” Mr Siddharth Shahani wrapped the conference with a thanking note to all the guests for their precious time.

At the end of the meet, we felt boosted and motivated and knew what we had to focus on, in our lives with regards to education and the industry. Hence, keeping things real, critical and studying the skill of a hotelier is a key to success.