On 13th November 2018, Indian Film Actor Boman Irani visited and interacted with the students of DICE  and leading school and college principals at the Univariety Guidance Conference 2018 held at ISDI ACE.  Famously known for his performances in a comic role, he delivered a humorous, yet grounded talk on education to an audience of students, faculty, and leading educators.


Mr. Irani spoke about the need and importance of empathy in education. Empathy being the ability of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another. Speaking of past experiences, he explained how his childhood was tremendously impacted due to empathetic teachers, friends and family. He spoke about his childhood, how the teachers used to treat their children in an excellent manner even after being diagnosed with various mental conditions and how they were taught the art of molding their talents into something more productive, leading him into films and filmmaking.


Insights into the mind of a personality of such caliber enabled our students to perceive and understand things differently. Mr. Irani ended by so rightly expressing, “The key to success is working hard, not hardly working!”

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