On November 23, the students of DICE School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts visited ABC farms in Pune as a part of their Experiential Visits series. ABC Farms is primarily a dairy and hospitality business which has brought the concept of boutique cheese making to India. A , B and C stand for Aga, Bhathena and Chinoy, the surnames of the first three founder directors of the Company. It is one of India’s leading cheese producers with its headquarters located in Pune, India.












The experiential visit was planned with a primary objective of showcasing the behind-the-scenes activities in dairy farming and production. Students got the opportunity to witness the amalgamation of dairy and hospitality with auxiliary activities that accompany both into introducing India to the world of boutique cheese.

The farm thrives in an ecologically sound environment. As part of organic land management, only organic fertilizers and pesticides are used. The methods used for farming are in harmony with maintaining and enhancing the local ecology, standing by the ‘Green’ philosophy adopted by the farm.












Students got a chance to interact with Mr. Saurabh Chinoy, Founder ABC Farms, who introduced them to the industry of dairy farming and the challenges he faced as a young entrepreneur back in 1976. After an elaborate tour of the farm and a cheese-tasting session, students left the farm with new insights and remarkable experiences.


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