DICE hosted Dr. Chaitanya Hoskote during the Welcome Week in February. He is a chocolatier for 4 of the most well known families in India, and is the inventor of a low-cost machine to make perfectly crisp chips, amongst many other things. Being completely paralysed from his left side never stopped him from working hard, and innovating.

He spoke about the importance of food ergonomics in the 21st century. Ergonomics is a study of efficiency in a working environment and how human resources can be productively used. His words on how the food industry has to adapt and become more humane to match the needs of workforce stayed with the students long after they left.

Dr. Hoskote shared his insights on how the food industry is rapidly developing and how changing corporate policies and work ethics are developing with it. His words shed light on how productivity of organisations can be increased by reducing fatigue, and what the methods are by which we can do that.

The students were enlightened by his words, and encouraged by the way the industry was making positive attempts to help its members perform their best.

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