Coffee connoisseur, Mr. Shreyas Karle of Blue Tokai came to DICE for an interactive seminar. The welcome week of February 2019 saw students being exposed to talks by industry pioneers. One of the seminars was a session about the drink that is taking the world by storm – coffee.


At once, an art and a science, coffee has woven its ways into the hearts and homes of corporates and students alike. Mr. Shreyas Karle gave an enlightening talk on the future of coffee in the country. His words, rooted in experience and knowledge, were very insightful to the students.

Blue Tokai has grown into one of the most loved brands of coffee in India. With a philosophy of bringing transparency, quality, and experimentation to the coffee-process, they are a recognized name in the emerging coffee culture.

He spoke about the evolution of filter brewing and how the technique of brewing could change the taste of coffee. This was followed by a session on latte art, an emerging art-form around the world. His words and works proved the old saying right – Before eating with our mouths, we eat with our eyes!

After learning about expresso and the plethora of options that exist in the world of coffee, the students left feeling very impressed. Now that they knew the level of skill and design a single cup of coffee took, they would never look at it as ‘just another drink’ again!

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