Ms. Andrea Smith, a UK-based, qualified and practicing professional Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Mentor, Therapist in the field of Stress Management and Anxiety Management and Personal- Professional Lifestyle-Balance. She is a registered practioner in Cognitive Behaviour and in Counselling. Andrea has over 30 years of successful experience and expertise, across 3 continents, in UK, USA, South and Far-East Asia.



Ms. Smith’s session on Stress Management discussed how stress over time leads to pressure and anxiety is our response to stress that hasn’t been addressed by us and has built-up overtime. The session lead into a discussion on strategies which would help with keeping calm and coping mechanisms, like the ABC technique and the STOPP exercise. The ABC technique had to do with breaking down a negative situation and understanding the consequences the situation had. The STOPP exercise was when we stop, take a step back, look at the bigger picture and finally engage in a heathy practice that works for us, like meditation.



One of the key takeaways from this session was how important mindset is. A person cannot truly transform themselves without the conviction to do the same and no amount of external motivation can bring about that change until it comes from within.

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