Mr. Avinash Chatterjee, Front Office Manager for Waterton Lakes Resort – Aspen Village Inn in Canada, gave a talk about handling the finer aspects of hospitality management. It is well-known that dealing with customers can be one of the trickiest parts of hospitality management. Whether they are right or wrong, they always need to leave feeling appreciated. Sometimes, one single bad review is all it takes to destroy a company’s hard-earned reputation.


Keeping this in mind, DICE organised a session with industry expert, Mr. Avinash Chatterjee, on how to tackle difficult customers in difficult situations.

Mr. Chatterjee is the Hospitality & Tourism Instructor at Arbutus College and on the Program Advisory Committe Member of Winston College. He has extensive experience as the Front Office Manager of Waterton Lakes Resort, and is an integral part of Waymaker hospitality.

The students learnt various techniques they can employ to handle the situation effectively and effortlessly. Conflict resolution and customer satisfaction were the two main focus areas around which the interactive seminar was prepared.

Students performed role-play based on the Service Excellence workshop which helped simulate real life situations, and allowed the students to practice in a controlled and safe environment. It was without a doubt one of the most rewarding sessions, and students left, feeling empowered and confident that they would be able to turn around any situation.


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