The first thing a restaurant is judged on is not its food, it is the ambiance. Creating the right ambiance is no child’s play. It requires class, elegance, and ability to match the mood with the food.

A restaurant’s visual appeal sets the tone for everything to follow.

Prof. Siddhart Shah held an interesting hands-on workshop on Creating Sensitivity in Restaurant Design & Experience. He spoke about how the flow and layout of the tables, the lighting, and the temperature would positively or negatively turn the attitude of the diner much before they had a chance to browse the menu or eat the food. He also emphasized on the use of natural senses, leading to students wearing blindfolds to accentuate their restaurant experience.

Through a combination of practical exercises and live mentoring, the students experienced their reactions in a wide range of restaurant and culinary settings. Their reactions helped them understand the different options that exist and how they can customise and choose the best one according to the situation.

The session was an eye-opener for our students and they learnt an immense amount about a field that few had even paused to consider.

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